Iam Shehab, I started to collect anime cels since 2008. I like classic anime such as,treasure island, conan future boy and grendizer.
In this page, I have great number of cels. Some of them, I was not able to recognize in which episode it comes from. I added the scene as a jif image for those I knew their episodes. It will be written beside the title of the cel. (title +scene).

News & Updates

1/18/2010I have bouth 4 new cels! Capitain Harlock/ Arcadia of my youth Robinson Family /Flona Blue Noah Evanglion..Grendizer cel coming soon!
8/17/2009Grendizer cels: This anime is one of my all time favorite. It's hard to find cels for Grendizer and even if I find a cel that I would like to add it to my collections it costs me a fortune. I like buy Grendizer cels because I liked this anime since I was 6 years old. My close friend, Rashid, he is so into this anime more than me and can memories most of its scenes. That’s why when I get a cel I ask him from which episode they are and I go check it in youtube or my dvd.
8/17/2009It's almost two years since I started to collect anime cels. I have become addicted to my new hobby although it costs me a lot but I enjoy and love it. Even my friends ask me about my newly bought cel. I started to focus on buying nice (difficult to find) scenes. I wish I had discovered this interesting hobby which some people find it exotic, few years back. I think I would have a bigger collection than my current one. And I do not plan to stop collecting soon. I do not upload my whole collection because, sometimes when I buy a cel the buyer gives me some give away cels with dull scenes which I don't find it worth uploading. Also, when I buy a package of one anime cels I only chose which I find it nice to me to upload.
2/2/2009My Anime Cels now open.

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Title Last Updated
Blue Noah (1) 1/17/2010
Adventure of Korobokkuru (T.V)1973 (2) 9/6/2009
Adventures of Pepero the Andes Boy (5) 10/17/2009
Adventures of Tom Sawyer (TV)1980 (46) 2/28/2010
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp(1982) (4) 10/15/2009
annetto (9) 7/5/2009
Arcadia of My Youth(1982) (4) 2/12/2010
Ashita no Joe (1) 11/16/2010
Astro Ganger (3) 2/15/2009
Background (14) 11/9/2010
Belfi en Lillibit (3) 8/4/2009
Berserk (9) 9/4/2009
Capitan Jet (1977) (1) 2/12/2010
Captain Future (16) 12/6/2009
Captain Tsubasa (3) 2/28/2010
Chuck, der schlaue Biber (1) 11/16/2010
Dai no Daiboken (1) 2/17/2009
Demetan the Frog Boy (2) 7/26/2009
Detective Conan (4) 3/5/2010
Dragon Ball (1) 11/16/2010
ELeven of red blood (3) 11/10/2012
Fatal Fury (2) 6/24/2009
Fighting Spirit (17) 2/27/2009
future boy conan TV 1978- (41) 10/22/2012
Grendizer TV 1975 (40) 10/17/2012
Gundam Seed Destiny (2) 2/26/2010
Haidi (2) 11/9/2010
haidi (1) 1/18/2011
Hello Spank (16) 1/18/2011
Hunter x Hunter (2) 1/2/2010
Iron Fist Chinmi (2) 1/2/2010
Kabamaru Ninja (11) 7/7/2012
Kum Kum (2) 7/1/2012
LADY GEORGIE (20) 11/8/2012
Lady Lady!! (5) 7/2/2009
LITTLE PRINCESS (6) 11/8/2012
Lord Dog (3) 2/4/2009
Ninja, the Wonder Boy (6) 7/5/2009
Palpitation tonight (4) 6/1/2009
pinokyo (1) 4/13/2009
Remi (12) 10/17/2012
Rolling Star (1980) (2) 9/24/2009
Saint Seiya (5) 11/9/2010
Samurai Spirits (1) 6/19/2009
Sanshiro (16) 2/12/2010
Sinbad (2) 12/6/2009
Space Battleship Yamato (5) 11/9/2010
Street Fighter (1) 2/2/2009
Swan Lake (movie)1981-03-14 (Japan (1) 7/27/2009
Tanoshii Moomin (2) 2/3/2009
the Bosco adventure (2) 12/6/2009
THE ROBINSON FAMILY (7) 10/24/2012
THE ROSE OF VERSAILLES TV (1979) (19) 10/17/2012
Tom and Jerry (1) 2/2/2009
Treasure Island (TV) 1978 (62) 11/1/2012
White whale (23) 10/15/2009
三国志II 天翔ける英雄たち (3) 7/7/2012

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